In order for this query to give you specific DNS information pertaining to a domain, there is a certain syntax that you enter information into the query. A particular DNS server has already been specified within the code that the query will pull all DNS information from, so you will not be able to change that or enter a different one. But let's take an example query first to give you an idea of what information you can pull and the way it should be entered. Let's say we want to pull up name server information on my domain The query would look like this: " ns" (minus the quotes of course). This will give you the DNS record(s) pertaining to the authoritative name servers I use for my domain, Another example would be finding my MX or mail exchanger records. The query would look like this: " mx". So give it a try ...
Enter Domain Name and Option:
Common Options: A, CNAME, MX, NS, PTR, SOA, TXT