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MoveOn.org Political Action

Rep. Baird: Bring our troops home

Last March, Rep. Baird voted with the Democrats to force Bush to bring troops home, but now he's waffling. We've got a new ad challenging Rep. Baird on on giving cover for the President's endless war.

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MoveOn.org Civic Action

YouTube: Fox Attacks Iran

Robert Greenwald's new video exposes how Rupert Murdoch's FOX is beating the drums of war with Iran like it did before the Iraq war--using the same images and Bush talking points. Sign the open letter urging other TV stations to ask tough questions and not follow FOX's lead on Iran.

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    MoveOn.org Political Action

    House to Vote on Paper Ballots Bill

      After years of delays, the House is about to vote on Rep. Holt’s H.R. 811. MoveOn members have urged Congress to ban paperless voting in time for the 2008 election. We asked members if MoveOn should support the recent compromise version of the bill, even though it falls short in some key respects—72% said yes, 18% weren’t sure, and 10% said no.

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    MoveOn.org Political Action

    Become a MoveOn Fellow

    MoveOn's new fellowship program provides talented folks with a platform to promote the goals of the progressive movement. Apply for a 5-month position alongside our top campaigners to end the war in Iraq, stop the climate crisis, win the '08 election:

    2008 Campaign
    MoveOn.com Political Action

    Help us win the White House in 2008

    MoveOn's launched a major campaign to mobilize voters, run ads, and elect a progressive president in 2008.

    MoveOn is hiring a Communications Director. Read the job description and apply »

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    Virtual March Against Iraq Escalation
    MoveOn.com Political Action

    Virtual March Against Iraq Escalation

    The Virtual March Against Iraq Escalation was a huge success. With reports still coming in we think we hit our goal and then some!

    Virtual Town Hall: Iraq
    MoveOn.com Political Action

    Virtual Town Hall
    on Iraq

    MoveOn members gathered in more than 1000 house parties across the country to listen to the presidential candidates talk about Iraq at the first virtual town hall.

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    Buy The Book

    50 Ways to Love Your Country
    MoveOn.com Civic Action

    Books from

    Get your copies of 50 Ways to Love your Country, an inspiring collection of 50 call-to-action essays from MoveOn members, and It Takes A Nation: How Strangers Became Family in the Wake of Hurrican Katrina.

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